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    TypeTogether initiate an interview about the development of Sirba.

    Interview: Nicolien van der Keur, typographic translator
    Humans weigh risk versus reward, but we are often led by our desires. What happens when an established professional has an opportunity in which each of these categories rates high - high risk, high reward, and high desire? If you're Nicolien van der Keur, you take the leap and scoff at the risks while pushing yourself further than you thought imaginable. And it paid off. She now has Sirba, a family of three scripts made for dictionaries and other textually dense works, and is working on more projects deserving of pride. Read about her process and what she has in the cooker.

    Through this link you can read the whole interview.

    TypeTogether the typefoundry that published Sirba, where it is also available.
    Sirba, a friendly and functional seriffed typeface that is perfect for any complex text setting.
    For more pictures and information look at this page.

    You can try Sirba online at MyFonts or at the Fontshop.


    Van der Keur (typo)graphic design
    The Netherlands
    +31 (0)6 29 09 24 92